Tuesday, January 25, 2022

We're All Waiting for the Other Shoe to Fall Somewhere

The world is waiting for the other shoe to fall after witnessing Putin's military buildup on the Ukranian border.

Anxious countries like the United States are pledging to back up the Ukrainians who intend to fight until the last man if Putin invades.

War inches closer every day. It seems inevitable. All anyone can do is wait.

Americans are waiting for the other shoe to fall in the Donald Trump saga that led to a coup attempt that nearly succeeded.

For decades Trump has defied laws by gaming the court system.

The Jan. 6 Committee is putting the pieces together that led to the insurrection. What they have already discovered is enough to convict Trump of obstruction of justice and other equally serious crimes.

If it was anyone beside Trump, justice would prevail, and the perp would go to jail. But it's Teflon Trump. Americans wait with bated breath to see if Trump is truly above the law.

Libraries and schools across the nation are facing book censorship as teachers and librarians brace for the other shoe to fall. 

What's next? Free speech outlawed if it isn't praising fascism? 

Americans are waiting for the pandemic to go away. Their tired and cranky. 

Misinformation is muddying up any real chance of controlling the virus to the point where we can get on with our lives. The fact of the matter is the virus may never go away, and containment is the only path forward.

And we all wait for answers. Impatiently.

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