Friday, October 15, 2021

Abusive Appeals Tangle The Courts Up In Knots: Why Delayed Justice Is Hurting Democracy

Thanks to the former president's strategy of delaying justice with appeals - often for years - the courts in this country are in chaos.

One bad thing that's happened is Trump and the Republican Senate appointed and confirmed 220 Article III judges, and most are acting like Trump's disciples.

The cherry on the cake was appointing three supreme court justices who were lackeys of the Federalist Society; effectively assuring an extreme conservative agenda for at least a generation.

From early on Trump was taught how to take advantage of the court system with mentors like Roy Cohn and various mafia thugs. He teethed on filing appeals to create confusion that often ended with his accusers running out of money and the cases getting dropped.

Gaming the courts has always been one of Trump's favorite pastimes, so when he had the power of the presidency behind him it was inevitable he'd get his sticky fingers into the whole judicial system.

Throughout Trump's regime his minions have been encouraged to file frivolous lawsuits and to gum up court systems with endless appeals to thwart any investigations on them.

Steve Bannon is one of Trump's prize students whose loyalty has been tested in Congressional investigations numerous times. Most recently he's refused to respond to the House Select Jan. 6 Committee's subpoena to testify.

That refusal will effectively tie things up for an undetermined amount of time. And that's the idea. Republicans are hoping to run the clock out on the Jan. 6 investigation by retaking the House and possibly the Senate in the midterms.

Delayed justice may end up being no justice at all meted out to those involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

The appeals process is so badly abused by criminals and politicians that nothing short of a complete overhaul is needed.

What would that look like? I'm not sure, but the promise of timely justice should be the guide to restore the validity of the appeals process. Remember, we're all supposed to have the right to a speedy trial. 

The longer cases are slow-walked (more like low-crawled) through the judicial system the more likely justice won't be served and democracy will suffer for it.

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