Sunday, October 10, 2021

Trump On The Loose: A Deranged Johnny Appleseed in the Garden of Democracy

As the holidays approach with an historically backed-up supply system, I'm more concerned about what the Trump cult has been up to lately.

It's looking like Trump plans to run again in 2024, if you can take his word for it given at a rally in Iowa a couple of days ago.

Author and Pastor John Pavlovitz recently wrote a timely essay that I highly recommend you read, and pass on:

"For the first time in America's history the latent ugliness in people was revealed and validated and celebrated by a sitting president — it was officially normalized. And what we're experiencing now; this staggering, insensitive posturing in the face of so many people's suffering, is the late-ripening fruit of something that has been set into the bedrock of half our nation. It is the malicious entitlement that MAGA was designed to nurture from the beginning....

This quickly metastasizing moral cancer is something we've never experienced on this level in our lifetimes and it's something we're going to have to reckon with regardless of the political outcomes of the next four years. If the former president somehow takes that office again, these stories will surely grow exponentially more violent and more commonplace, but either way, the ugliness is here now.

The Trump Effect on America, is that once reasonable, rational human beings whose prejudices, fears, and phobias were all bound by some baseline decorum and common courtesy that kept them from intentionally harming others - have been empowered to revel in the worst of themselves. They believe cruelty is their birthright."

Despite the massive evidence of his corruption in the last five years, Trump is still the biggest threat to democracy, and a free country. Even after being booted out of office. 

He's still free to sow the seeds of discontent like a deranged Johnny Appleseed in the garden of democracy.

However, I have to think there's hope for America. 

That in the end justice will be served, and Trump's quest to destroy our republic will be rebuffed by those who still believe in freedom and democracy.

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