Monday, October 11, 2021

Lunatic Love: Moonie Cult 'Freedom Festival' Set For A Weekend of Anarchy

Remember that wacky cult of Moonies back in the 1950s?

(Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast)

You may not hear much about them anymore but the cult is busier and crazier than ever before. And it's now a threat to all Americans.

The ultra-rich Korean family (the Moons) put on an annual so-called "Freedom Festivity" that attracts NRA officials, gun enthusiasts and the type of people who attach "Don't Tread On Me" flags to the back of their trucks.

This year's festivities is expected to bring out "sovereign citizens" (aka domestic terrorists), alt-thruthers, and a slew of hardcore Trump minions seeking to steal fair elections and causing chaos in the schools, the medical community, and wherever there's a place to violently demonstrate their demands.

The Moon family also runs a Doomsday Church in Pennsylvania (where the Freedom Festival is held) that attracts lunatics like flies to shit.

(Photo: Reverend Hyung Jin "Sean" Moon, posing with his gold AR-15 "rod of iron" at home.)

Attendees are armed with semi-automatic rifles which they clutch while praying. Their all adorned with metal crowns which signify individuals have ultimate sovereign authority over themselves.

Steve Bannon is one of this years top speakers, along with chief strategist for Trump, Dana Loesch.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Ryan Busse, a former gun industry executive turned self-described whistleblower, said "...the presence of such high profile speakers lends a dangerous credibility to the armed American fringe that is increasingly angry, vocal, and demanding of government policies that cater to their politics."

What all this comes down to is there's an active American Fascist movement led by a former president who doesn't believe in unity, science, or democracy.

Events like this faux Freedom Festival are reminiscent of 1936 Germany in a symposium. There's been other doomsday cults but this is the first one that a former spokesperson (Loesch) for the NRA is speaking at such an extreme event.

With a former reality star, and president, encouraging people to buy guns to take matters into their own hands, we're one step closer to becoming a fascist state.

The event will be held this weekend in Greeley, Pennsylvania, near the company headquarters of Moon-owned Kahr Firearms Group, a relatively small gun manufacturer.

The highlight of the weekend hate festival happens when they give away a Trump AR-15.

How fitting.

Here's a link to Ryan Busse's new book GUNFIGHT

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