Sunday, October 17, 2021

Holding On To Reality In This Golden Age of Disinformation

    Trump is the Star of the Golden Age of Disinformation.

It's not easy.

There's so much disinformation on major issues facing the nation that it feels like a doomsday movie. Staying sane has never been more challenging.

The reason for this is because we're in the Golden Age of Disinformation. The Golden Calf has morphed into a narcissistic sociopathic former president and reality star intent upon destroying democracy.

The Age of Reason is long gone. We have the internet now. With it, comes a dank flowing sewer of lies, hate, conspiracies', and disinformation that empties out into millions of homes. The stench of stupidity is strong enough to make a maggot gag.

Please. Don't tell me how good the internet can be. The bad far outweighs what's happening today.

Don't think for a moment that all of the trolls and wackaloons would have come this far in disabling realities in your life without the massive digital octopus connecting them to each other.

Simply put, there has been no other era in our country's history where a cult of one man has brought us so close to defeat. The irony of getting rid of a sole ruler - crazy King George - to form a free nation is lost upon Trump and his followers. That's what happens in cults.

It's up to you, and I, to cling to reality and believe in science; to believe that we are all equal, to let evidence guide our decisions, to fight against the onslaught of disinformation around us with research and facts.

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