Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Why Trump Didn't Support The Sept. 18 Right-Wing Rally

There was a calculated reason why Trump chose not to get involved in the Sept.18 rally supporting convicted insurrectionists.

He knew that violent rallies were no longer necessary because his fascist political movement is winning.

His minions have been busy changing voting laws in numerous states to promote voter suppression laws that target Democratic minorities.

Republican rallies have morphed into anti-mask rallies and critical-race theory rallies intended to obstruct the electoral process and to introduce chaos into local politics.

It's not so much the followers we should worry about. It's the authoritarian movement growing in what use to be the Republican party. With nearly half of Republicans believing the Jan. 6 coup attempt was legitimate protest the breakdown of reality has been devastating.

In an article by Aymann Ismail for Slate magazine he discusses "How Fascism Works."

"It has to do with follow the leader. So the leader is, by definition, law and order, and so anything that goes against the leader is a violation of law and order.

So if the police go against the leader, they’re not law and order. The fascist leader needs the police on his side because he needs them to crack heads when he seizes the election and does a coup, but if they’re not going to be for him, then the patriotic law-and-order people are the people who are attacking the police."

What's happening now is Trump is playing the long game after nine months of trying to overthrow the election with no results.

By mobilizing grassroots people to attack school boards the Trumpies are creating the type of chaos that benefits them the most. They're even taking over precinct-level positions.

Coupled with an all-out effort to discourage vaccinations for political reasons, the Republicans have decided on a scorched-earth policy of vicious lies to pander to an ever-fearful base.

Naturally, they don't appreciate the irony of literally dying unvaccinated so they can "own the libs."

Republicans are on the wrong side of reality and science, because they've surrendered to a wannabee dictator.

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