Monday, September 20, 2021

A Politically-Charged Pandemic Is Pummeling America And We're Helpless To Do Anything About It

National medical experts recently announced the current pandemic deaths are about to surpass the death toll of the infamous 1918 Pandemic.

There's a growing concern in the medical community that we're looking at annual pandemics where the COVID-19 virus will continue to mutant into deadlier versions every year because of politics.

Yes, politics. 

Not because we can't develop treatments and vaccines to combat the coronavirus. That was accomplished in record time.

What we can't seem to do is to overcome massive misinformation campaigns about how the whole pandemic is a hoax perpetuated by liberals or some deep state operatives that hate conservatives.

The situation doesn't look to change in the near future. The blue tribes and the red tribes are firmly separated by fact and fiction.

I recently read about two people who went into a restaurant in the South wearing facemasks because they wanted to be protected, but the owner kicked them out.

Why? Because he was one of too many assholes in the country that don't believe the pandemic is real; so he ejected the couple for WEARING facemasks.

A group of Texans went to a restaurant in NYC the other day where masks must be worn indoors. Members of the group assaulted the hostess (sending her to the hospital) and were arrested for assault.

The result is we're living in a "Groundhog Day" cycle where people continue to die needlessly because they won't get vaccinated, preferring instead to use bleach or ivermectin (a horse de-wormer) to combat the virus.

This opposition of facts has crystalized under the Trump regime, and continues to contaminate all attempts to unify people under facts and science. 

This may sound harsh, but needs to be said; if the red tribe wants to reject reality then it's their own damn fault when they die coughing their lungs out in a hospital.

At some point, after culling the herd of disbelievers, we may get a handle on the virus and avoid unnecessary pandemics in the future.

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