Friday, September 24, 2021

Arizona Audit Finds More Votes For Biden! The Big Lie Loses

An extension of the Big Lie in Arizona suffered a serious setback after a draft of the sham audit was revealed yesterday.

In what has to be described as poetic justice the review found more votes for Biden. The exact opposite of what the schemers behind the audit expected.

Despite the findings that are being released today, this seed of sedition has inspired other red states to consider sham audits too.

States on the verge of fake audits like Texas, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, were inspired by the six month partisan effort in Arizona to discredit Biden's victory in 2020.

Trump's ongoing efforts to overturn a legal election result (considered to be one of the safest elections in memory) has not slowed down since getting booted out of the White House.

From the start it was apparent that the bogus effort at auditing the 2020 election results in Arizona had two aims.

First, to discredit Biden's victory in the key county of Maricopa, that helped Biden become the first Democrat to win the state since 1996.

The second and even more important goal was to appease Trump and curry favor with his core supporters, whose devotion is the driving force with the Republican party today.

The whole shit show was a display of shameless misinformation and an assault on truth driven by a conspiracy-theory driven conservative media.

Predictably, Trump will attack the results after putting so much time and money into discrediting the 2020 election. His spin on it will come from the whole cloth of the Big Lie.

As other states consider "jumping the shark" to perpetuate Trump's attempt to destroy our electoral system, we'll see their efforts end in the same shameful way the Arizona one did.

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