Sunday, April 25, 2021

Qualifying for the 1st Annual Burnt-Out Olympics

People from around the world qualify for the 1st Annual World Burnt-Out Olympics in Florida, USA.

In order to qualify, contestants are going to have to cite more than the pandemic as a reason why they're burnt-out.

People, like me with PTSD, will have a leg up. However, it's going to take more than that to win.

After consulting some of my friends and family, I've compiled a list of other reasons that may carry you over the top in this highly competitive competition.

Here they are: 

1.   Four stressful years with Trump and minions assaulting democracy.

2.   The Big Lie

3.   Not enough new TV shows and movies during the last year

4.   Loneliness

5.   Homeless

6.   Unemployed 

7.   Politics

8.   Chronic health conditions

9.   Fear of warfare in US and/or abroad.

10. Hunger 

Without a doubt there's countless other reasons for being burnt-out. 

The above suggestions are some of the most obvious.

The rules are simple; every country in the world only gets one winner.

So what does the winner get?

Professional help for all the reasons they're burnt-out. Sounds good to me.

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