Friday, March 5, 2021

Tip of the Iceberg: Trump Appointee Arrested for Being on Front Line of Capitol Assault

        Trump appointee  Federico "Freddy" Klein emerges from car to join riot.

Federico "Freddy" Klein
is the first Trump appointee directly connected to the failed coup attempt in the nation's capitol, but he won't be the last connection to Trump's attempt to subvert democracy.

The FBI announced today that Klein, a schedule-C political appointee who began working at the state department in 2017 in the office of Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs, was busted by a tipster and a couple of witnesses and is in jail.___________________________

(BREAKING NEWS! Freddy is complaining he has cockroaches in his cell. I'm not kidding. My question is how does he know they're cockroaches and not fellow Republicans?___________________________

According to the charges leveled against Klein, he "pushed his way to the front-left side of the crowd and to the doorway to the Capitol building, where he physically and verbally engaged with the officers holding the line, thereby affecting their ability to disperse the angry crowd."

Call it an educated guess, but Klein's exposure won't be the last of Trump affiliated insurgents who had a part in the Capitol insurrection.

Congress is investigating everyone involved, including GOP lawmakers who may have played a part in the riot.

If connections are found between rioters and lawmakers, authorities could obtain a warrant to see the communications.

While several investigations continue to look at all aspects of the Capitol siege, there's going to be more examples of lawmakers and past administration personnel involved. Including Trump himself.

Count on it. 

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