Monday, March 1, 2021

CPAC's New Mission: Supporting Trump's Efforts To Suppress the Vote

I think Don Jr. was right when he called the gathering of the trolls "TPAC" in honor of his father.

It was unlike any other prior CPAC event because it was all about one man, not the future of the Republican Party.

One of Trump's central messages was that he was putting Republicans on notice that he intends to use grassroots to suppress the vote heading into the 2024 election.

Trump made it abundantly clear that he's out for revenge and he has a long list ranging from Republicans who don't support him to Joe Biden.

The last time Trump publicly used incendiary language like that was the day he encouraged a mob to attack the US Capitol and called for the execution of then vice-president Pence.

Despite being kicked out of the White House Trump's assault on the very foundation of our democracy continues.

How crazy was the event? Let's put it this way; Trump got his biggest applause when he refreshed the lie that he won in November.

The one symbol that will forever define the hate fest formerly known as CPAC was the golden statue of Trump in the lobby.

The attendees came to worship one man, not the Republican Party. 

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