Thursday, March 4, 2021

GOP Opposition To COVID-19 Relief Bill: A Made-For-Conservative-Cable-TV-Farce

The scene: Members of The House of Representatives aren't meeting today because of threats against the Capitol by rabid Trump minions.


Republicans don't care that the majority of Americans want Biden's COVID-19 Relief Bill as evidenced by recent polling.

Because the measure is so popular with Americans, Republicans plan on dragging out the procedure in the Senate. 

By slowing down the process they hope to discredit its contents to extract some political gains and deprive Biden of a clean win.

This drama play comes at a time when unemployment benefits for millions of Americans is set to run out within days.

Leading the opposition is conspiracy wacko Sen. Ron Johnson

He plans on forcing clerks to read the whole 900-page bill - that will take 10 hours to read.

That's just for starters

Johnson then plans on pulling stunts throughout the process to thoroughly muddy the waters and stretch out debate with an array of procedural traps.

The reason for this opposition is the belief that the most reliable path to power relies on its own radical, activist base and providing soundbites to conservative media rather than adopting policies that may appeal to a broader group of more mainstream Americans.

The opposition to the bill comes from the same political cauldron as the effort by many Republicans to solidify the "Big Lie" that Trump was cheated out of power.

In the end Republicans have chosen to make any legislation a made-for-Conservative-Cable-Farce in honor of their defeated president.

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