Monday, March 22, 2021

Support Animals: How COVID-19 Produced New Pets During The Pandemic

It's all about social distancing.

For a year we've been told to stay six-feet apart for safety reasons.

Needless to say it hasn't been easy. But thanks to support pets we're meeting the challenge. We've always used dogs as support pets, but the coronavirus has exposed a need for MORE SUPPORT.

Popular Pets in the Pandemic

Perhaps the most efficient support pet has been - surprisingly - skunks. You can put one on a leash and go out in public assured no one wants to get too close to you.

Some pet owners argue that their porcupines are just as effective.

Others claim that honey badgers are better because their generally violent attitude is a fit for these troubling times.

Advocates for racoons suggest their masks are more appropriate and that they're a match for a honey badger.

More extreme pet owners - generally from Florida - favor alligators and anacondas to keep a space between them and anyone else.

Hyenas have also been recommended as a support animal because of their laughter -which puts people off - and their general vicious demeanor.

You've probably noticed these aren't traditional support animals, but hard times call for drastic changes.

If you have come up with a non-traditional support animal that I don't have listed here please contact me so I can share for everyone's sake.

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