Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Exposed! Trump and Putin's Conversations Are Being Investigated

This ought to be interesting

Throughout Trump's presidency he maintained a secret relationship with Putin.

Now the Biden administration is examining transcripts and memcons (memories of conversations by staffers) to see how much sensitive material (and secret agreements) Trump had with his Russian counterpart.

Many of the phone calls were hidden in the NSC's top-secret codeword system to limit staffers and even cabinet members' access and prevent leaks.

Trump went to great lengths to keep his in-person conversations with Putin private, from confiscating his interpreter's notes to foregoing American translators and notetakers in their meetings.

Records show Trump's interactions with Putin went as far as disclosing classified information to Russian diplomats in the Oval Office.

So now the question is how much of this material is going to be shared with the public?

Are we ever going to know the true depth of Trump's depravity regarding his relationship with Putin?

I'm hopeful that happens. But I'm realistic enough to realize that we may never get the whole story.

I'll be satisfied with some juicy tidbits of truth about Putin and Trump's relationship.

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