Friday, January 29, 2021

The Fight To Be Civil To One Another Loses Ground Every Day

Congress is a battleground where truth versus lies is being fought daily.

When you have lawmakers still pushing The Big Lie that the election was stolen, it encourages every extremist in the country to pursue the falsehood, and add other conspiracy theories to the national conversation.

The Democrats are pushing back and calling out their GOP colleagues for perpetuating conspiracy theories - some of which are threatening the lives of top Democrats.  

The result is all efforts to be civil - Biden's call for unity - Republican and Democrat - are doomed to failure. Compromise is a choose-off in Congress these days.

There's no longer an assumption of lawmakers agreeing to serve the country first, and their political aspirations second. 

It's a pity. Civility goes a long way towards problem solving. With it comes compromise, the first step to successfully passing laws that benefit all Americans.

I'm not saying there's no hope. There's always hope as long as there's people who are willing to do the right thing for our country. 

They're out there. We just need to elect lawmakers who really care about democracy, and who won't spend their time trying to divide the country with conspiracy theories.

It all starts at the grass roots level where truth matters, along with civility and respect. In other words America, political candidates should be vetted before entering the arena.

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