Wednesday, January 27, 2021

QAnon Finds a Safe Harbor With Fox News

Fox News has been embracing conspiracy theories even before Trump slunk into office in 2016.

But the far right TV station has doubled down on fake news and conspiracies' and is now fully endorsing QAnon.

That's right. Full-on crazy is the new Fox motto coined after Trump was kicked out of the White House. 

Leading the way in defending the cult are Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham who have taken it upon themselves to promote the extremist agenda and make excuses for QAnon members who stormed the nation's capitol in a failed coup attempt.

In a display of sheer stupidity and Trump worship, Carlson denounced QAnon critics as a "mob of censors, hysterics and Jacobin destroyers, all working on behalf of entrenched power to take control of everything."

Not to be out done, Ingraham tried to spin a web of lies after Biden's PR person Jen Psaki announced that the National Security Council (NSC) is going to determine "how the government can share information" on efforts to "prevent radicalization" and "disrupt domestic terrorism.

Ingraham, in one of her patented rants, claimed the NSC was going to crack down on conservatives in general. 

Both Ingraham and Carlson claim there's no way to target threats from violent extremist ideologies like QAnon without targeting conservatives.

What the two lying hosts don't seem to realize is that they're lumping domestic terrorists with conservatives - all in the same room. Equal partners in crime. 

I don't think that's the message the Republican Party wants to send out right now - but I could be wrong.

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