Monday, September 7, 2020

The Trump Zone: Where Reality is Slipping Into a Surreal Quagmire

Pandemic Diary
Day 175

Dear Diary,

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known as reality... it's called the Trump Zone.

In this vast zone, stupidity and space are as timeless as infinity. It's the murky ground of lies versus truth, light versus shadow, and between science and conspiracies.

It lies in the pits of Trump followers racist fears and distain for knowledge. 

This is the dimension of hoaxes and witch hunts. It's an area where laws and rules are bent into twisted shadows of a once proud republic.

In 2020, the Trump Zone threatens to drag our democracy into a quagmire that America may never recover from.

It's science-denying denizens are dying from the coronavirus in order to stay in the Zone.
Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone was a popular TV show that featured strange and disturbing stories that left viewers shaking their heads in wonderment.

Having grown up watching The Twilight Zone, I have always enjoyed "surprise fiction.

However, what's happening today in the Trump Zone is far worse than anything Sterling ever wrote, or even envisioned. That goes for Alfred Hitchcock too.

Quote for the Day: "I've been so in the zone, you don't know where you're at." -Brooks Koepka

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