Tuesday, September 15, 2020

No...Doomsday Is Not Here: In Fact, Deliverance is Near

Pandemic Diary
Day 183

Dear Diary,

I'm tired of hearing Doomsday talk.

The real conversation should be that we're living in the Trump era which has been the most destructive presidency in our history, and we want it to end.

The need for Americans to cleanse the White House and restore sanity and science is at Defcon 1. But America is not doomed! 

On November 3rd, Americans are going to be voting in record numbers. We already know that from recent newly registered voter polls across the country. There's million of new voters since 2018, which was a record turnout for democrats.

At times it seems hopeless. Trump has been impeached, but he's more deadly now than ever before. He openly defies laws, ethics, and the truth without hesitation. The only thing standing in his way are the courts, and real patriots (whistleblowers) still working in government agencies.

I would also argue that Trump's campaign is a cluster fuck. He has no national platform, or even vision for the future to share with prospective voters. All his fumbling campaign (think Tulsa super spreader) has managed to do is dig deeper holes alienating undecided voters.

Trump's non-scientific stance on COVID-19 hasn't changed despite being exposed in Bob Woodward's new book Rage. He admitted knowing the virus was 5 times deadlier than the flu, and that it was an airborne virus.

Yet he's holding super spreader rallies again, against CDC and state regulations for COVID-19 safety. His open defiance is really a sign of desperation. That's why I know that deliverance from this complete asshole is at hand.

The majority of state and national polls have Biden leading. There are a lot of other factors that make me believe Trump will soon be a dark footnote in our history.

Most Americans think Trump has done a shitty job  managing the pandemic; they don't trust his advise because it goes opposite of what healthcare officials have been saying all along.

The time for climate warming denial is over. The flat-earthers and birthers time has come and gone. The out-of-control wildfires on the West Coast have been awful. I doubt that many Californians, Oregonians, or Washington state inhabitants will deny what's happening.

The fact that the economy is in free fall is going to be a big consideration by undecided voters who've been evicted from their homes or have lost their jobs. 

I can't imagine voters are going to think fondly of the orange anus who couldn't lead his way out of a wet paper bag. From the pandemic to his encouragement of racists/white supremacists, Trump has discouraged any efforts to solve the nation's challenges.

He's not a leader. He's a liar and a con man whose past is catching up to him, and he's panicking. That's why he using voter suppression in claiming mail-in votes are fraudulent, and actively slowing down the USPS's ability to quickly process mail.

America has finally had enough of Trump. I expect it'll be official this fall.

Quote for the Day: "The roots of our deliverance lies in the delight to seek right ways." -Lailah Gifty Akita

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