Monday, September 14, 2020

Have Americans Finally Gone Mad?

Pandemic Diary
Day 182

Dear Diary,

Public sanity is slipping away faster every day. 

Americans are breaking under the multiple challenges besieging the nation. Crazy talk and actions have thrust us into a dark Twilight Zone existence filled with fear and lies.

I was in disbelief yesterday when I saw that two football games were being played as out-of-control wildfires raged across the state of California.

Amid millions evacuating their homes, people dying in heartbreaking fiery deaths, and the worst air quality in the world ... and professional football had to play through the unfolding Armageddon... what the hell? What did the fans think watching it in the stands and on TV?

Was it that important for the league's owners and players to pretend the worst holocaust of wildfires in California's history weren't happening despite the bright orange skies overhead? 

I understand people are tired of living in this age of COVID-19 and having it disrupt their lives so dramatically. The economic blow to millions of Americans because of the virus is enormous. 

With the realities of climate change upon us there should be no ignoring the historic fires, floods, tornados, and other natural disaster events that are regularly happening from coast-to-coast.

But it's happening. Trump and the science deniers he's infected the government with, have confused millions by promoting conspiracies into the mainstream. Fake news for fools. It seems to be working. 

To show their loyalty, Trump's followers ignore CDC coronavirus safety regulations, and state regulations against crowds as they gather at his increasingly larger super spreader rallies. 

All of the fear, loathing, and stupidity described above is happening with a presidential election as a backdrop in seven weeks.

To be clear, Democracy is at stake. If Trump wins we will have a batshit crazy supreme leader. American as a republic cannot stand another four years of the orange anus in the Oval Office.

To add to the toxic chaos in the country, Trump and his minions are attacking the USPS (slowing it down) and claiming mail-in voting is fraudulent in a sinister effort to suppress votes. 

Any one of the above situations would be sufficient to drive someone crazy. Our country is so politically paralyzed that we can't even unit against common enemies like this pandemic, or the terrible effects climate change is having on us all.

As I look out at the bruised orange sky through my window there are no birds flying. The landscape is covered in ash and the air is barely breathable.

Will America survive? Stay tuned.

Quote for the Day: "I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad were often allowed to mingle freely." -Charles Bukowski

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