Thursday, April 23, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 38: I'm back! I See That Things Are Worse

Dear Diary,

I'm up to writing again.

Been battling dizziness. I went to the hospital, and I've got medication for my battle with my balance. 

Still adjusting to it.


My head is spinning metaphorically at some of the recent news. I'm still catching up with things now that I can read without vomiting!

I knew politics would eventually interfere with facts about the coronavirus. It's plain to see what's happening now. States with Democratic governors are suddenly under assault by fringe lunatics (from white supremacists to militia groups like the Oath Keepers) to open up the state and forget about people's safety, and just plain scared people.

Conservative groups for Trump are becoming more organized daily as they turn the protests into Trump re-election rallies.

Trump and Fox News hosts are colluding daily on the messaging - Open Up America and fuck people's safety! Signs claiming COVID-19 safety precautions are a hoax and a liberal conspiracy have showed up at every protest thus far since they started last week.

Republican governors are opening up parts of their states, even though they don't meet Trump's own guidelines for re-opening. Trump's response has been to encourage their activities, and to lie on TV about the protestors practicing social-distancing.

I see doctors and scientists talking about COVID-19 being worse than they fully comprehend yet. Reports of the virus affecting other parts of the body - beyond the lungs - are surfacing daily. Heart, liver, kidneys, and even the brain are affected by the deadly bug.

It's apparent that healthcare experts are only slowly learning about everything the coronavirus does to the body.

Is America going to survive all of this? I'm really starting to wonder. With five more months of Trump in office we can expect things to get worse. Trump want's to be re-elected and there's nothing he won't do to achieve that aim.

On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
**The good news is at least 595 coronavirus patients in Oregon are now fully recovered from COVID-19.

We currently have 2,059 COVID-19 cases, with 78 deaths reported.

**Don't ask me why, but Oregon waited for the Supreme Court to invalidate an 85-year old law that allows defendants to be convicted by a non-unanimous jury of any felony short of murder. 

The state law was rooted in racism. The question is why didn't Oregon legislators do something about it before now?

**The City of Sublimity (and surrounding areas) has a volunteer project going where every resident will get free face coverings.

Quote for the day: "The tougher the comeback, the better the comeback." - Bernard Osei Annang

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