Saturday, April 11, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 27: NO! We're Not ALL in This Pandemic Together!

 Dear Diary, 

 I'm sick of hearing that phrase "Americans are all in this fight against COVID-19 together."

It's just not true. Especially when referring to unity in the fight against the coronvirus spread. Who gets priority screening testing? Who doesn't? The wealthy have had no problem getting tested first.

The daily Trump Task Farce is so full of misinformation that most news outlets have wised-up and decided not to run the two-hour presidential rally in it's entirety. 

Trump's lies have sown confusion throughout the government, and the country, in a time when we desperately need factual reporting.

Minorities are suffering the most - per capita - because they tend to live together in tighter space restrictions - such as mulitple families in one home. Poor communities filled with a dense population, have been helpless against the coronavirus spread.

States are bidding against each other to get needed medical supplies like ventilators. The bigger states have more bargaining power to win private bids, leaving states with lesser populations to seek other sources.

I reject the idea that Americans are in this pandemic together after witnessing the daily cluster fuck that's happening to our polarized society.

The wealthy have more options to successfully survive this murderous virus. That's a fact. The rest of America is suffering economically and physically.
On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
**The good news - no new deaths reported yesterday.

**Everyone is on the "front line" if their job requires being out in public during this pandemic. I read about Oregon child welfare workers reporting cases of COVID-19, and that made me wonder about all of the rest of the public workers with lesser profiles than doctors and nurses who are risking their lives in order to do their daily jobs.

**On job security... there's some professions that are pandemic proof. Like plumbers. We required the services of a plumber yesterday. He required $100 per hour. We paid without complaint for his two-hour visit.

**Humor is the best medicine - it's really helpful that Shirley and I have a good sense of humor. Otherwise we would have been at each other's throats long ago during this stay-at- home phase in the country.
Our top 3 coronavirus parody picks are:
3) *Die, Die *Coronavirus
Quote for the day - "I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh." - Maya Angelou 

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