Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 23: Trumplicans vs Science, B-Ball Wonder Woman, and Dog Grooming During the Coronavirus

Dear Diary,

Words fail to express my dismay at times during this deadly pandemic when all of America should be united.

Trump has been disagreeing with healthcare experts regularly during press briefings that are thinly disguised daily rallies for his re-election. I can't believe this is happening in America.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall someday in the distant future when historians talk about this momentous year - 2020 - these three things will stand out: 

1) Congress impeached Trump, but he was acquitted in a stacked Senate hearing.

2) When the deadliest pandemic in world history since 1918 hit America, Trump and his minions bungled the response costing thousands of unnecessary lives.

3) There was a presidential election in November. (Hopefully we'll have gotten a new president!)

On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
One of our neighbors told us about a mobile dog groomer a while back. We were still taking our dogs to a regular groomer when Oregon suddenly went to a stay-at-home posture because of the coronavirus.

Only essential businesses have been allowed to stay open around here. 

Pet grooming parlors, like human beauty parlors, have been shut down.

The groomer, Rebecca, pulled up in front of our house in her mobile grooming parlor, and went right to business. She took one dog at a time, expertly bathing them and trimming their claws.

The real kicker was her services didn't cost anymore than what we we're use to paying, and ….we didn't have to drive anywhere! Just proves good things can happen in bad times. We discovered a service that was available in the worst of times!
                                               ---                                            --
**Not so good news... Kaiser Westside Pharmacy had to shut down after seven employees tested positive for COVID-19.

**Latest mortality stats: 1,100 cases of coronavirus in the state. 29 deaths.

**Redux Spring... rainy days are supposedly behind us as the weather is warming up nicely. Forecast is sunny days ahead. Shirley and I are ready with our gardening gloves and numerous projects in the front and back yard.

**Shout out to this basketball marvel - Eugene, Oregon's Sabrina Ionescu (Oregon Ducks), who was named the Nation's Most Outstanding Player!

She won the Wooden Award again this year, making her only the sixth player to ever have won multiple Wooden Awards.

Ionescu also won her third Nancy Lieberman Award as Point Guard of the Year; she repeated as a Wade Trophy winner, and won her first Naismith Award.

But that's not all! Ionascu was named the AP and USBWA Player of the Year; Pack 12 Play of the Year; and is an unanimous All-American.

Just another manic pandemic day for the record.

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