Friday, April 10, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 26: Social Distancing, Melania Irony, and Masked Maroons!

Dear Diary,

I have nothing but high praise for those Americans who are actually obeying social distancing.

Healthcare experts say it's helping stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As for the rest of the other maroons who, for religious or other reasons, are ignoring requests not to gather in groups of 10 or more; there's going to be a special place in hell for them when they contact COVID-19 or infect someone else who dies from being in contact with them.

Pandemic Tidbits
**Journalists attending the coronavirus Task Farce briefings are now being tested for COVID-19. Apparently the WH got some of those 15-minute testing kits - probably with Jared Kushner's inside "pull."
**I hope the rumors I'm hearing are true about Joe Biden selecting Kamala Harris as his VP. She'd be a great pick!

**Once again irony slaps Melania Trump in the face as she is seen in a PSA asking everyone to wear face masks... 

when her husband doesn't, and, the vice president doesn't, and the rest of the rat pack in the West Wing doesn't...

**20-plus hotels in NYC have offered empty rooms for free to 1st responders or overflow patients. Not a word from Trump's flagship property -Trump Tower - about helping.

There's 7 more cities with Trump luxury hotels that are not offering any assistance during this pandemic. Thanks Mr. President... you piece of shit!

**The word from the UK is prime minister Boris Johnson is doing better today in his fight against the coronavirus. I  read somewhere that he was a tough guy, despite his obvious extra weight.

**Under Masked Maroon: I have a friend that was wearing a face mask in Costco when he suddenly had to sneeze...what did he do?
He pulled the mask aside, sneezed, then put it back in place!
Did I mention he's a "special friend?" Got you, Larry! I couldn't help myself!

**It's a mystery to me... why more men are dying from COVID-19; and why are more minorities dying from the deadly virus attacking our country?
On the Homefront - Medford Oregon
**We now have 44 people in the state who have died from the coronavirus - 1,300 known cases.

**1 in 8 workers have lost their job. One of my sons is among those unemployed who is still are trying to reach the state unemployment offices after 3 weeks of calling daily! It's insane. He got a confirmation letter weeks ago...then nothing. I've been reading about the same thing happening nationwide.

**Good information: Oregon now has an online triage tool for coronavirus symptoms.

**Conversations with animals: 
Do you speak to your pets? I do. 
As a matter of fact, I was having a conversation with Bob the cat this morning and he brought up some good points on happiness.

The first thing he emphasized was eating good food whenever he felt like it. As you can see he's no lightweight (25 pounds).

The last thing he brought up on the subject was having "a forever home." It made me sad to think of the many cats and dogs that didn't have one.

"Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness." - Steve Maraboli

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