Friday, April 3, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 19: New CDC Guidance, 'Zoombombing', and the Chaos Report

Dear Diary,

Don't be afraid if you see a masked person walking around in the streets or local stores.

More than likely, they're not a bank robber. 

New CDC guidelines are telling us all to wear masks now. Sick, or not. This issue of when to wear masks has been fluid since March. 

At one point, we were told that masks should only be for front line health workers, or someone sick. It was almost patriotic not to wear one.

That's changed according to Trump and his Coronavirus Task Farce yesterday. Now we're supposed to wear a mask when we go out. Luckily, there are ways of making your own as CDC experts say clothe works:

Check out the following videos for making your very own COVID-19 mask:

Using... Men's underwear - bras - tank tops - Hard core home made masks made by Chinese people

Strange and chaotic shit report

**Beware of being "Zoombombed.

The FBI is warning users of the new Zoom conference app that their privacy is at risk. It seems trolls and assorted internet denizens are interrupting video conferences with profane language and images.
**It's strange watching Republican governors defy science in the name of ideology. Arizona's governor Doug Doucy is ground zero for stupidity in action during a pandemic.

Just watch what happens to his state in the coming weeks. It'll be blood on his hands, and he'll suddenly embrace science when it's too late. Like that ass Gov. DeSantis in Florida did.

**All pretense of fairness has been stripped away as a Georgia a GOP Leader bemoans the fact that election officials are making it easier for residents to vote! No shit.

David Ralston, the Georgia state House speaker, admitted he doesn't like the fact that absentee ballots will make it easier for people to vote - and presumably increase turnout - because that will hurt Republicans. Enough said.
**Banks are warning about "utter chaos" in the new small business lending program.
**Coronavirus conspiracies are popping up like ripe poppies in the flowing fields of Afghanistan. Meet Rodney Howard Brown

On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
*Sadly, we've had two more deaths (total 22) since yesterday from the coronavirus. There's a total of 826 known cases in the state at this writing.

**The good news is that social distancing seems to have worked in mitigating COVID-19 cases in the southern part of the state - including the Rogue Valley thus far.
**The chow line...

Pictured are all five of our fur babies at the food and water dishes. 

They each respect the other's space even in close quarters. You can barely make out Oliver (far left black blot), Bob, Butters, Tommy, and Molly.

This little group of cats and dogs, show that animals can accept - and coexist - with other species. Too bad mankind can't do the same!

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