Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 17: Trump's Sudden Awakening, Chippy Interviews, and False Prophets

Dear Diary,

Our Supreme Leader Trump finally figured out that the coronavirus is more vicious than the flu.

If you watched the daily Trump Task Farce briefing yesterday, he finally set aside most of the happy time shit he's been pushing since day one, and admitted "painful weeks are ahead." 

Painful, as in at least 100,000 Americans will die in the coming weeks and months. Possibly more, according to healthcare experts who say the number could be 200,000.

The daily briefings are becoming increasingly chippy. Trump lies about something, and reporters respond by calling him out on them. He then turns on them like a honey badger in heat.

Like a moth seeking light, Trump needs an audience. Social distancing has robbed him of his beloved rallies. The result is daily briefings are becoming longer as he rambles on for the camera.
**The latest controversy is about face masks. Should we wear them in public? I've heard arguments for wearing and not wearing them. As of today, the White House and the CDC...are still looking into it!

**With the White House all but shut down except for essential staff, Melania is stuck all day with Barron - who by all reports is happy he's not going to school right now - and Trump himself. Sounds like she's in the fourth inner circle of hell to me!

**Today is National Census Day. I filled out the questionnaire and mailed it.

**For the second time in two days, police have charged a pastor with defying public safety orders against large gatherings by holding church services with hundreds of members.

I had a hunch that not all churches were going to go along with the national social distancing guidelines. Most have, including Catholics. But there's always cult churches that listen to con men and false prophets who defy science, logic, and community rules for safety.

Perhaps local communities should start keeping track of these defiant zealots and keep them out of public places unless they agree to be tested for COVID-19. 

On the other hand, it is a good way to thin the herd...

On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
**The coronavirus has hit 29 senior homes (at least 1 death) in Oregon thus far, but not in the senior homes in the Rogue Valley.

There's about 600 nursing and assisted living centers in Oregon, and about 1,500 adult foster homes. With that in mind, I suspect it's only a matter of time before we get cases here.

**We have 84 new cases of COVID-19 statewide. The death toll went up by two yesterday. It now stands at 18 deaths.

**Another lazy day in the Stancliff household. 

Tommy (cat) Molly (black pug) and Butters (blond Iggy), snuggling up on a rainy day.

 This little fur scrum is not an unusual sight as these three are buddies. Our other two cats, Oliver and Bob practice social distancing!

**Our governor, Kate Brown, has tested negative for COVID-19 after exhibiting symptoms of possible coronavirus.

Went to the grocery store today with Shirley. She went inside and I sat in the car. Because I'm almost 70 and have COPD, I just came along for the ride. It was a chance to see what the outside world looks like.

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