Thursday, March 5, 2020

Trump Slime Machine Goes to Def Con 5 After Super Tuesday Results Elevate Biden

Trump and his Slime Machine in the Oval Office

                                     Good Day World!

It's on now. 

Trump's biggest fear is starting to look like it's going to happen.

Joe Biden is back.

The last time Trump went after Biden he ended up getting impeached. Not that it taught Trump a lesson. Just the opposite.

He's been seething since his acquittal in the Senate, and has been busy on a revenge tour going after everyone involved.

In recent weeks Biden's campaign was looking weak because of Sanders surging campaign, and all of his competition for the moderate lane.

Trump wanted Sanders to win (and even encouraged followers to vote for him in the primaries), believing he'd make an easy target with his Democratic socialist tag.

That happy thought disappeared after Super Tuesday and it became apparent Biden was not only viable, but stood a good chance of getting the nomination.

Just hours after Biden surged to the top of the Democratic presidential pack Senate Republicans announced a new phase of their investigation targeting the former vice president, and his son Hunter.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (remember his part in the Ukraine scandal?) told reporters he is likely to release an interim report within one to two months. 

Following Trump's teachings, Johnson denied the obvious, claiming his investigation is not politically motivated and has nothing to do with Joe Biden.  

But, guess what?

House Democrats know how to play this game too. They're preparing to charge Republicans who probe the Burisma matter with aiding a potential Russian disinformation campaign.

Everyone - on both sides - knew this was going to be the mother of all nasty Presidential campaigns. 

Trump's slime machine went on Def Con 5 yesterday.

Bullshit detectors are available to everyone. Just Google fact-checking sights - like - if you're interested in the truth.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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