Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Trump: Beware of March 31st. It Could Lead To The End of Your Presidency

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Soothsayers warned Julius Caesar that he should beware of the ides of March (15th) because it was going to be a bad day for him.

Our wannabe King is facing a possible bad day on March 31st. Three cases are going before the Supreme Court, any of which could spell the end of his presidency.

The first case: New York's grand-jury subpoena for Trump's Tax Returns

The other two cases were filed by House Democrats who want Trump's financial records from Mazars, Capitol One, and Deutsche Bank.

The Court will hear oral arguments for all three.

Trump's lawyers are claiming he has sweeping immunity from the criminal process while he's in office. In other words, they're saying he's above the law.

It's a weak argument that has been turned down by all the federal courts of appeal.

Here's the real scary part... if the Supreme Court with it's conservative majority decides to let Trump off the hook, the rule of law in America will no longer mean anything.

Rulings are not expected until around July.

Until then, Americans have to contend with an unhinged narcissist in charge who is busy conducting a revenge tour of non-loyalists in the government.

Of all the cases the Supreme Court takes up this year - these three will be the most consequential. 

We'll either still have laws, or we won't as it applies to a corrupt president.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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