Saturday, March 7, 2020

Dueling Inverstigations: Russia/Mueller vs Ukraine Biden/Burisma

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With just a couple of weeks to go until spring, two investigations are already blooming; one on Capitol Hill, and one in a district court.  

Let's take a moment to look at them. There are more investigations going on, but these two are playing into a political drama that may affect the elections in November.

In the Senate

Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman, Ron Johnson, plans on forcing a committee vote on the first subpoena stemming from a probe tied to Hunter Biden and Burisma. 

This move comes after Biden's ascendency in the Democratic polls this week. Johnson falsely claimed " wasn't a political probe."

It's a sure sign Trump is worried, and why he's activated his minions in the senate.

Despite being impeached for looking for dirt from a foreign country on Biden and his son, Trump and cronies are going to resurrect that bullshit story. 

The hearing promises some high drama.

In a Federal District Court

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton spanked Attorney General Bill Barr, by sharply rebuking his handling of the special counsel's Russia report.

The scolding was unusually blunt with Walton saying Barr made "misleading statements" to spin Mueller's report findings in favor of Trump. He went on to note Barr's "lack of candor," and "a calculated attempt" to influence public opinion.

In his ruling Walton said he needed to review the entire document because he could not trust the Justice Department! 

The upshot could mean that the Mueller report will finally be released (with only a minimum of security redaction) to the public.

That should make for some nice reading this spring.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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