Saturday, February 15, 2020

Trump's Animal House: Fool Fights, Tweeting Nights, and Outrageous Sights

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It's been a case of animal house in the White House since GOP senators gave Trump a pass, and unleashed a rabid honey badger upon his critics and perceived enemies.

The herds of GOP sheep in the Senate and House are huddled together in fear of the big bad wolf who can blow their careers down with a tweet!

Fool Fights

The mongoose-in-charge is seeking snakes that only exist in his tiny brain. 

Trump's bloodlust even extends to states that he doesn't like. For instance, New York which he has disavowed since authorities have gone after his crooked ass). Now he's attempting to hold the state hostage.

In several chest-beating tweets the Orangutan in the Oval Office bragged that he can tell the Justice Department what to do because he has the "legal right"... which of course is pure Grade A Bullshit.

Tweeting Nights

Like a buzzard circling above it's prey, Trump is ready to pounce upon people with the help of his twitter account. His corruption and lies foul the nest he's made in the West Wing.

While Trump is flying high, some of his minions are facing investigations in the coming days. In particular these two rats:

 Attorney General Bill Barr is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Match 31st, where he's sure to be grilled for he's handling of the Stone case and more.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to appear before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Feb. 28th.

He's got a lot of explaining to do....starting with Trump's drone attack on an Iranian leader that nearly led us to the brink of war.

       Outrageous Sights

** Trump awards fascist homophobe, Rush Limbaugh, the Medal of Freedom Award

** The State of the Union Rally that was really a Reality Show.

** Trump fires war hero Alexander Vindman and has him escorted out of White House like a criminal.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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