Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hang In There America! There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Good Day World!

Trump's winning streak is coming to an end.

I understand that it's hard to believe that right now after his recent acquittal in the senate. 

I know it's not easy watching Trump mock and manipulate our judicial system, and traditional values.

It's difficult to live with Trump's daily lies and his monumental scorn of everyone who doesn't follow him like sheep. 


Trumps days are numbered. If he isn't arrested by the IRS when his taxes and accounting firm cheating are exposed by The House and the State of New York, I'll be surprised.

It doesn't take a stable genius to know that messing with the IRS is a big time problem. Al Capone found that out the hard way. He was a murderer, but didn't go to prison for murder. Instead, he was caught cheating on his taxes.


Let's say - for the sake of argument - the Supreme Court decides that Trump is above the law in all three cases - and his federal and state taxes along with his accounting firm records aren't revealed in July.

By then the Democrats will have their candidate for president. More than likely the democratic party will unite behind their pick. That pick will also announce who their vice president will be.

The polls tell us that Trump is extremely unpopular with a majority of Americans. His strength is his cult-like base and the current economy. 

The base alone won't be enough to reelect him, however. It stands to reason Trump has to attract more voters. But can he? He faces numerous court cases between now and November, for other crimes.  

Recent national polls show the following democratic candidates for president who would beat Trump in a head-to-head election:

Joe Biden; Mike Bloomberg; Pete Buttigieg; Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. *Also note that Amy Klobuchar is doing well and could be an outside shot.

How motivated are the democrats to beat Trump?

A recent poll conducted by Ipsos for the website FiveThirtyEight shows two-thirds of primary voters say "The ability to beat Trump" is more important a consideration for them than shared stances on issues.

All of the Democratic candidates have pledged to back the eventual party pick in a show of unity. Mike Bloomberg has publicly stated that if he's not the pick he's still going to donate millions of dollars towards defeating Trump.

Thus far every political analyst and pundit agrees there is going to be a record turnout for the presidency. Many suggest a Blue Wave, similar to the one in the 2018 elections is going to happen.

If there's one thing Trump can be counted on it's his ability to stick his foot in his own yap at crucial times. His own mouth got him impeached when he publicly called on the Ukraine and China to dig up dirt on his political opponent.

For those voters who don't have their minds made up yet there's a chance Trump's actions - like his current revenge tour - will be too much corruption for them to ignore.

There's a national desire to end the chaos in The White House. Most Americans know Trump will continue to trample on our freedoms and rule of law if reelected. They want a change.

Yes, there will be numerous challenges ahead as Trump and his minions seek to suppress voters and to cheat in every way possible. 

Nothing is going to stop this from being the nastiest presidential election in our history.

But, I believe Americans don't want a dictator, and there's light at the end of the tunnel. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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