Saturday, February 8, 2020

Expunging Impeachment is Impossible - Trump Tries While Seeking Revenge

Good Day World!

It didn't take long.

Just days after Trump's acquittal in the Senate and he's seeking his revenge against all who dared to stand against him. 

House Democrats and impeachment witnesses have targets on their backs. 

Meanwhile the Trump team is busy trying to bury all of the evidence against him. 

There's even a Republican senator in Trump's crosshairs. Mitt Romney had the balls to stand up and vote to convict him, even though none of the rest of his party did. He's paying a price now.

Senate intelligence committee Trump minions are investigating Hunter Biden's personal travel records. It's the same hypocritical committee that refused to look into Trump's travel records.

Unhinged, Trump is taking his recent triumph over justice to the extremes, holding a partisan "Celebration" in the East Wing of the White House, and giving the most vindictive State of the Union speech in history.

He's just started to run amok. Trump wants his crimes expunged now. Top minion - and House Minority Leader - Kevin McCarthy promised to get his impeachment "expunged," if the Republicans take back the House. 

If he can get away with it, Trump will re-write our history and turn it into the alternate universe he's been creating since his earliest days.

But, in spite of Trump's best efforts, facts are still facts. The truth remains the truth. Most Americans believe that. 

It's not easy with the constant disinformation Trump and his allies pump out daily, but recognizing reality is the key to kicking the orange anus out of office.

Base your vote on truth, and what your conscience tells you this November. Let's stop Trump from re-writing history.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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