Friday, February 7, 2020

2020 Election: Be Afaid... Be Very, Very... Afraid

Good Day World!

It doesn't look good right now.

One of the battles to protect this years elections has been lost. 

Trump's been impeached, but remains unbowed. When the GOP senators acquitted him of his crimes he took it as a free pass to continue interfering with the election in November.

For the first time in my life, I'm really concerned about the integrity of our voting system holding up to a corrupt incumbent. 

I also don't trust a voting system without a paper backup. According to reporting from The New York Times 16 million Americans in eight states do not have a paper backup voting system for this year's presidential election.

After 2016, we knew that the Russians interfered with our election. All of our intelligence agencies have warned that the Russians (and other bad actors) are already probing our 2020 electoral systems for weaknesses.

ealing with an unrepentant Trump is dangerous. He's in a stronger position to rig this election than he was with Russia's help in 2016. He's also built up a cadre of corrupt top government officials who will aid him in gutting the entire voting process.

It gets worse.

Trump's base looks to be a disruptive factor as well. It was his supporters who clogged up the emergency phone lines' during the Iowa Caucus. Who knows what else they'll do in the months ahead? 

It's particularly troubling having an enemy within -  Trumplican trolls on the internet. 

Democracy is on the ropes. The final round comes in November. Then we'll find out for whom the bell tolls

If the Democrats don't get their ground game straightened out and nominate a strong candidate, the America you grew up in... will be gone.

Instead, we'll have a supreme leader for life. Trump is already talking about staying in office until he decides to step down. Don't think he's joking. He's not.

It's vital that we have the largest presidential voter turnout in generations. If we do, I'm confident a majority of Americans will not vote for Trump.

As for the Electoral College, if the Democrats do their due diligence in the swing states they should go Blue.

Meanwhile, the Democrats must present a united front in the months ahead.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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