Sunday, January 19, 2020

Trump's 'Dweeb Team' Unveils Strategy: Hear No Evil, Say No Evil, See No Evil

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The reality star that stole the White House (with Russia's help), has gathered a Dweeb Team" to defend him in his Senate impeachment trial on Tuesday.

No one was surprised when Trump picked Fox News contributors like Kenneth Starr (convicted of running a $35 million Ponzi scheme on celebrities in 2011) and Alan Dershowitz (pedophile Epstein's pal, and O.J. Simpson's counsel) to defend him.

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The one thing the Dweeb Team has in common is their willingness to sell their souls in Trump's defense. While that's what is normally required by Trump, it doesn't mean he put together O.J. Simpson's Dream Team, because he brought an aging feeble-minded Dershowitz and Starr into the mix.

I know, I wouldn't want the crazy bastards to defend me any more than I would want Trump's unhinged attorney Rudy Giuliani too.

If the trial turns out to be a solemn affair - like many hope it will be - that's going to cut down on the TV production value of the Fox News hosts who intend to provide Trump's defense on prime time.

Trump needs drama. It's the beginning, and the end of his very existence. Like all good con men, he knows the value of a good show.

Even though the majority of Republican Senators have already prostrated themselves before Trump, he needs to entertain his core base... and that means, "lights, camera, action!"

The Dweeb Team's strategy of "Hear no evil, say nor evil, and see no evil" is going up against a mountain of facts provided by government testimonies, transcripts, and the courts.

It's going to be a battle of facts versus fiction.

In any other trial Trump wouldn't stand a chance, and would be easily convicted with the evidence already provided. The defense team would lose with nothing to discredit, or to counter, the facts.


It's hard to see how justice can prevail in a rigged hearing designed only to exonerate the most corrupt president in American history.


You never know. The fate of our republic is on the line and those Republican senators know it... it's either democracy or a dictatorship. They get to chose know history is looking over their spineless backs.

Time for me to walk on down the line...

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