Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Day Two: It's Not About What They Know. It's About Who They Know

Good Day World!

Republicans in the senate impeachment trial have been herded into a corner where facts are absent, and unswerving loyalty to McConnell and Trump are paramount.

Regardless of how much evidence the House presented it did not change any GOP senators minds. They already know Trump was guilty as hell. They've decided to live with it.

For those spineless Republican senators toeing-the-line, it's not what they know... it's who they know will destroy their career... Donald J. Trump.

Anyone watching Day One could see how McConnell is doing his best to cover up for Trump. For those Americans who tuned in to watch the drama one thing was obvious...

Trump's legal team got their ass kicked!

Political pundits from both parties agreed Trump's defense team offered no real defense for what he did. No evidence. Nothing but a diatribe of how the impeachment proceedings weren't fair in The House. 

Trump's Dweeb Team diverted to procedures because they literally had no other argument. There were no witnesses for Trump. No transcripts proving his innocence.

Yet, no one doubts the trial is going to end with Trump being acquitted. In other words, no amount of facts will take down the biggest liar in American history.

As long as those Republican senators fear Trump, they're going to break their oaths and let him get away with shredding the Constitution and every law in the land.

Re-election means that much to those GOP cowards that they are going to shamelessly aide Trump dump on our Democracy with impunity.

The American public wants a fair trial. After Day One they saw it's not going to happen. 

They also saw how the GOP senators were voting... and ignoring evidence.

They'll remember that at the polls in November.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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