Friday, January 24, 2020

Senate Trial Day Four: Digital Detox, Fidget Spinners, Evidence, and Lots of Milk!

Good Day World!

With the sake of our nation's democracy at stake, some senators simply cannot sit still and listen for hours on end about Trump's corruption since slithering into office.

It's boring. Especially if you already have your mind made up like the Republican senators do.

Despite strict senate impeachment rules about sitting silently and paying attention to the counsels on both sides, that's not exactly what's happening.

After really adhering to the rules on Day One, the slippage started on Day Two when senators started to exchange notes and crude hand signals.

By Day Three games started appearing. Rand Paul was playing a crossword puzzle. Other senators were secretly playing with Fidget Spinners. Then they resorted to walking around the room to stay awake.

It wasn't long and the senators were abusing their potty breaks and standing around in partisan clicks drinking bad coffee in the cloak room.

Comments from senators on their situation:

Sen. Marco Rubio on the subject of no talking, "That sucks!"

Sen. John Cornyn warned that "Frustration is starting to build."

Milk was the popular beverage for senators who grew tired of water. Why milk? Here's why

Perhaps the hardest thing for the senators to stomach is that they can't play with their cell phones during the trial. At least one psychologist suggested that the senators are suffering from phone withdrawal.

This should not be surprising.

National studies have shown the average American spends three hours a day on the phone. But, when it comes to politicians, all bets are off. They spend twice as much time on their cellphone.

Furthermore, Global Web Index found that 7 out of 10 people recognize their dependence. In other words, they're hopeless slaves to the digital universe.

Back to the restless senators...

Their pain is real. A sudden digital detox is dragging the senators into the here-and-now of the trial, and that's just no fun.

It's too bad that those senators who are in a hurry to end the trial couldn't get a glimpse of the future to see what their inattention, and partisanship, has wrought upon our republic.

The least those sorry excuses for GOP jurors could do is to try to pretend they're paying attention.

In essence, the Republicans are okay with having a president shake down a foreign power for his own political gain. Asking for help in defeating political opponents will no longer be a crime. 

The most treasonous of all acts against the United States of America will have the green light in the future. Foreigners will be deciding who leads our country.

Someday those senators who played away their time instead of listening to the truth, will have to face their friends and family and say, "I'm sorry, I put partisanship before country, and because of that we now live under a dictatorship."

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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