Saturday, January 25, 2020

Trump Defense Team Case Today Comes After Another Coverup Surfaces

Good Day World!

Trump's Dweeb Team is going to present their case that Trump can do no wrong today. 

That in itself, promises a walk through Trump wonderland where truth is the first casualty. Alternate reality fans will be treated to some novel defenses for their entertainment.

But that's not the biggest story today.

Trump has been caught in another cover up involving the Pentagon.

Remember when a reporter asked Trump about American causalities after the January 8th attack on the US base in Baghdad?

He flat-out said there were none. Furthermore, he claimed that's why he didn't hit Iran back after the missile attack.

But a week later the Pentagon reported that there were 11 service members who were being treated for concussion symptoms.

Trump's idiotic and condescending reply still resonates in my head,

 "I heard some of the service men and women had experienced headaches after the attack. I don't consider them very serious injuries..." 

Having Cadet Bonespurs downplay injuries to members of our armed forces, is despicable, but predictable.

Yesterday, we found out that it was worse than initially reported. The actual number of US troops hurt were 34. They were all diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) following the attack.

A Pentagon spokesman admitted Friday that eight of the affected soldiers have been sent back to the US for further treatment while the rest are being treated in Germany.

"No serious injuries!"

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As Trump's Dweeb Team attempts to make excuses for not convicting their corrupt client, I suspect there's veterans, like myself, that know how serious TBI is and are disgusted with his cavalier attitude. 

It's just another reason to convict that orange slug in the White House.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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