Friday, December 20, 2019

Institutional Chaos: It's America's Own Fault For Electing Trump

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Yes. Russia helped Trump get elected, but it was America's own fault for giving the keys to democracy to a wannabee dictator via the electoral college.

In modern times the only way Republicans have managed to win the presidency is through a system that should have been dropped 100-years ago; the electoral college

Faithless electors misrepresent the popular vote in key swing states. Republicans count on defectors going against their own party's selection.

The electoral system is why we're suffering under Trump's mad regime where reality is bent like taffy and GOP lawmakers swear fealty to a liar, and a cheat.

The Democratic candidate who ran against Trump, Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote by netting a 67 percent majority (2.8 million votes), but still lost the election.

The electoral college was a system born of compromise. It came about because the founders couldn't agree on anything else. Thus, it was never a perfect system.

After more than 240 years, it's time we fix that imperfect system that has been exploited by Republicans for over a generation.

It's America's fault for allowing what the founders feared more than anything else, a monarch to emerge from the slime because of the imperfect system we tolerate from decade-to-decade.

Winning by the popular vote is the American ideal of equality, where the majority reigns.

Today, we're stuck with a demagogue exploiting fear and racism. 

That Trump was impeached for his crimes by the House, is belated recognition Americans discovered their mistake.

The saga will go on into the new year when a senate trial will be held to decide whether to convict or acquit Trump of his numerous high crimes.

Lawmakers and voters will have to stop the sociopath in the White House from rigging the 2020 election if the senate turns away from justice, and let's him continue to assault our republic.

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