Sunday, December 15, 2019

Many Americans Have Lost All Sense of Decency, Honesty: The Rest Are Paying For It

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Americans. Are. Confused. And. Numb.

How could we not be? We're living in a reality nightmare orchestrated by the most corrupt president in American history.

There is no normal anymore. Traditions are trashed. Truth is challenged daily. Lies are the lead headlines coming from media platforms like Fox News, with it's warped view of reality.

Trump has told us he's the chosen one. He also told us what we see on any other channel than Fox, is fake and part of an insidious plot to drive him from office.

Openly inviting other governments to look for dirt on his main political opponent in 2020, and Obstructing Congress, will more than likely lead to his impeachment next week.

There will be a moment of humiliation for Trump (behind closed doors) when he realizes future generations will always associate him with Abuse of Power and his impeachment.

Outwardly, Trump is chomping at the bit for HIS Senate to get the Articles of Impeachment from Congress so he can watch them being torn into red-white-and-blue confetti.

The Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch has assured everyone within listening distance that Trump will not be convicted. All sins absolved. Case over.

Meanwhile most Americans can see what's happening to our democracy. Polarization on steroids fueled by a sociopath camping out in the White House is destroying it.

Those conservatives who voted for Republicans have seen their representatives strip away all decency and honesty in the impeachment process. The upcoming Senate kangaroo trial will be a repeat. 

If Trump pays no price for what he's done since he slithered into office with Russia's help, this country will be on life support. We'll have a dictator taking our freedoms away.

Partisan politicians are openly plundering laws for personal gains. The biggest liar in American history is gambling he'll get away with his crimes... and go on to successfully cheat his way to another win in the 2020 election, with Putin's help.

We're all standing in the crossroads of freedom and justice, and anarchy in our lives.

There will be no bigger challenge to America's future than the one facing this generation, who will either vote Trump out of office, or back in.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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