Saturday, December 21, 2019

Trump's Corruption Is a Magnet for Liars and Cheats

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Like a worm in an apple, Trump is hallowing out the Constitution's safeguards to further his personal goal to become a dictator.

It's important to remember Trump couldn't get away with brazenly defying laws without some help. Like from his cabinet, a collection of rogues ready to sell America down the drain for personal gain in a moments notice.

Trump attracts corrupt politicians to him like flies on shit. For example, take Alaska's Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy. 

Gov. Donleavy's been secretly in cahoots with a mining company - Pebbles Limited Partnership (PLP) - to develop a gold-and-copper mine near Bristol Bay; home to the largest run of sockeye salmon in Alaska's waters, which are currently protected by the EPA.

After Gov. Dunleavy got in office last year, the first thing he did was lobby Trump, with the help of PLP, to move forward with the project.

Long story short. Trump is doing everything in his power to help with the permitting process and the environment be damned! 

In the world we live in there are people who foresake the truth and laws, for power and money. It's a sad statement that our society is riddled with these souless maggots rotting our social fabric.

Trump's sordid history is a beacon of light for like-minded liars and cheats. Wherever Trump goes, someone else goes down. 

The past three years have been a golden age of corruption where Trump minions have infected our government and society in staggering ways.

Trump may have been impeached, but he's still an at-large unhinged sociopath spreading his poison like a snake thoughout the country.

If the senate doesn't stop him, then voters better. Americans can't afford to let him steal another election.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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