Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Trump's Going to Learn a Lesson From Al Capone's Downfall

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While political pundits are reading the tea leaves to see if Trump will survive a Senate trial after he gets impeached by the House, there's actually a bigger threat facing Trump.

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that two banks (Duetsche Bank and Capital One) must turn over Trump's financial records to the Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

Let's turn the clock back for a moment to the roaring twenties when Al Capone ruled Chicago's underworld. His corrupt connections always bailed him out when he was taken to court.

After a while it seemed like nothing, not the FBI or local law enforcement, were ever going to bring Big Al to justice. But, the IRS got a hold of Capone's financial dealings and locked up him in prison. It was the money trail that got Capone, and it's going to be the same for Trump.

All of the president's minions delaying tactics could not stop the banks from eventually turning over his information, as proven by this recent federal court decision. In desperation Trump's cronies will take it to the Supreme Court.

Two things: the Supreme's could kick it back to Congress (thus far they don't have the appetite to interfere in Congressional conflicts), in which case Trump is shit-out-of-luck.

But, let's say the Supreme Court does takes up the case. It would likely be heard next spring - around June - five months before the elections.

Not a good optic for Trump. The chance that the Supreme's will rule against Trump's argument that he can't be held to justice, is good. In the end, I suspect they will uphold our system of justice that says "No man is above the law."

Meanwhile, the Republicans who have decided to buy into Trump's fairy tale that everything is a hoax if Trump doesn't like it, are going to have egg on their faces when justice finally prevails. History will mock their antics.

Capone's men followed his orders without question, killing people and intimidating others with no qualms. The parallel of Trump, and the way he uses his minions, is obvious.

Trump has acted like a mob boss throughout his toxic tenure. Like Capone, he speaks underworld jargon and demands undying loyalty.

If indeed, taxes become Trump's Waterloo, he'll join the likes of Capone and other gangsters who finally payed the price for their vile deeds.

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