Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Open Secret is Out: World Leaders Think Trump is a Joke

Good Day World!

For the last three years world leaders have tried flattering Trump's massive ego to maintain good relations with the United States.

That tolerance seems to have worn thin with them.

In a hot mic moment at the Buckingham Palace reception for world leaders, following the 70th NATO Summit in England, a group of world leaders were caught on camera joking about Trump.

British prime Minister Boris Johnson, French president Emmanuel Macron, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte were yucking it up at Trump's expense, unaware they were being recorded.

The bad news is only snippets of their jocularity were understandable, but the basic message was clear... they thought Trump was a clown.

Trump's clashes with Macron and Trudeau were among the highlights featuring a rampaging Trump attacking NATO and its leaders.

In fact the whole Summit was a joke. World leaders couldn't discuss important agendas with Trump who got butt hurt when they suggested he screwed up by helping Turkey and turning on the Kurds.

No real world issues were addressed in that historic 70th anniversary. 

The specter of Trump rumbling through meetings while ranting about how great the US economy is because of him, was a haunting reminder of how low America has sunk in the eyes of world leaders.

Trump has the dubious distinction of the being the first US president to be laughed at by some of America's closest allies at a NATO summit, a sign if his increasing isolation on the world stage.

When the conference was over Trump skipped his usual diatribe about how well things went, and sulked aboard Air Force One... 

confident that when he got home his minions would applaud him like a conquering hero.

Time for me to walk on down  the road...

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