Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Lewandowski Shoots for the Stars by Pleasing an Audience of One

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Corey Lewandoski put on a real performance for Trump during yesterdays House Judicial hearing.

His performance drew praise from the orange anus who tweeted, "Thank you Corey!

You'd think that being outed as a liar by the House counsel, who pointed out what he said on numerous public appearances didn't jive with the facts in the Mueller report, he'd be worried about his reputation - especially when he claimed he was a "truth teller."

Not in the least. He didn't even blush. His constant smirk of disdain and combative attitude were a tryout.

He's hoping his performance was good enough to get an endorsement for his senate campaign. You heard me right. Cory wants to be a senator now.

If his ridiculous run for senator doesn't succeed (and no one in their right mind thinks it will), Lewandowski will make a case to either join the White House, or more likely, the 2020 campaign for Trump.

He's counting on his very public display of defiance towards Congress and show of abject loyalty to be elevated to an inner circle, after being fired as Trump's campaign manager in the spring of 2016.

Yesterday was Cory's shot for the stars.

But the chance of getting shot down is always there with Trump. As much as the orange anus values loyalty, he feels none for others (with the exception of his family). His kids talked him into firing Cory last time. Whose to say they won't again?

You have to give it to the lying little suck ass, he knew what the former reality star was looking for...

A good show. 

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