Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Democrats Dilemma: Law, or Politics? The Party Needs To Decide Now

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After nearly a year of buildup towards impeaching Trump in Congress, the Democrats are going to have to make a decision right now.

Either start a real impeachment inquiry, instead of coyly dancing around the subject for seven months, or move on in favor of a political calculation that may or may not be a good one.

The prime players are Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler. They're friends who both served together for 25 years in the House. But the issue of impeachment is driving a wedge between the two.

Simply put; Nadler is about the law holding Trump accountable, and Pelosi is all about politics.

Pelosi argument is that there's not enough votes in the House to pass impeachment at this time and there will never be enough in the Senate.

Nadler feels a sense of urgency - to get Trump out of office before he can cause any more harm to the country - and timing, not wanting to launch it next year because it's a bad look in an election year.

There's no doubt that Pelosi is a very effective politician who has managed to keep the party in line... up until now. But she needs to stand by Nadler's side on this issue. Without her, there's not going to be impeachment hearings.

It would help if she'd look at history - where the percentage of Americans were against impeaching Nixon when the impeachment process started. Nine months later Tricky Dicky stepped down.

Pelosi's partnership with Nadler has always been based upon mutual respect. This is one time when she should respect Nadler's instincts, because we're currently in a Constitutional crisis - Trump's defiance against Congress and the laws of the land is unprecedented.

Here's the most recent example: 

Trump's Communications With Foreign Leader Are Part of Whistleblower Complaint That Spurred Standoff Between Spy Chief and Congress  

No one knows what crisis Trump is going to set off with his Twitter account every day... nationally, or internationally. He's becoming increasingly unhinged in public places and even more unpredictable.

When the president of the United States spends a week trying to alter reality with NOAA and the National Weather Service because he claimed Alabama was in danger of Hurricane Dorian (and gets corrected by the weather service), you know he's a psycho.

Throw in hints of war, and there's no denying America is in danger. Trump's unpredictability was a security concern in the past when he shared classified information with two Russians in the Oval Office, and other similarly jarring instances.

I'd rather taker a political gamble than to sit and continue to watch Trump eviscerate our government while gathering more power to overthrow it daily.

The Democrats are at a crossroad: Law, or politics? The country's fate depends upon their choice.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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