Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trump Is Busy Rigging Primaries and Disenfranchising the Republican Party

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Fear motivates Trump.

He uses it to attract voters, and to energize himself when he thinks there's a credible challenge to his regime.

Despite calling his three primary challengers "The Three Stooges," the reptile part of Trump's brain senses they could wrest away part of his base.

Accordingly, Trump went about knee-capping his challengers as much as possible. To whit, he ordered four states Republican parties not to hold primaries and just name him their boy.

The states were South Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, and Nevada. 

The Republican Party in Michigan wasn't able to cancel their primaries because the rules didn't permit it. 

So they did the next best thing; they rigged the system to favor Trump. 

Particularly galling is Trump's enablers claiming it was just done to save the states money (like they gave a damn about that) and were simply reflecting the voters will.

Think about that. The states are excusing their actions by claiming every Republican (!) in the five states affected wanted Trump. 

If there's one thing in life I've discovered about politics is that no one person ever gets 100 percent of a voter turnout. Period.

Trump is afraid.

He's concerned The Three Stooges are going to make a stooge out of him in the debates. They might even pull off an upset - similar to his own in 2016. 

Trump's reaction to their challenge is par for the course, where rules, ethics, and traditions play no part. It's about winning...at any cost. The 2016 election proved that.

The Republican Party is fighting for it's life. There are still true Republicans (the fiscally conservative type who are appalled at the nation's growing debt under Trump's regime) whose voices yearn to be heard.

Despite handicapping his challengers, they are going to give true Republicans a chance to be heard, and to defend what the party has stood for over the decades.

Those Republicans who are busy enabling Trump's corrupt regime - Trumpies who formed a bastard hybrid of the GOP beholden only to their master - are going to pay a price someday.

Hopefully, at the polls in 2020.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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