Friday, September 20, 2019

Is John Bolton the Mystery 'Whistleblower?'

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As more information drips out daily about a whistleblower's attempt to get urgent news to Congress, only to be thwarted by Trump and his cronies, a picture of political corruption is emerging.

 Trump's minions are doing their best to squash the complaint.

Trump is so determined to bury the complaint that he's already broken laws within the whistleblower structure in the first 24 hours of the news becoming public. 

The question everyone is asking is "Who is the whistleblower?"

Political analysts have concluded one thing about the whistleblower; he/she knew they had a political bombshell, and went about reporting it through the correct channels. 

When the inspector general of the intelligence community read the complaint he determined it was within the DNI purview. More importantly, he agreed it was so serious that it was an urgent matter and needed to be seen by Congress according to the rules.

Then Trump's minions went on the offense and blocked Congress from seeing or hearing about what the complaint detailed.

In the midst of this blatant outright obstruction, the topic keeps going back to the mystery person who got the ball rolling. Trump says he has no idea who it would be, but claimed they were partisan.

Thus far, no names have emerged. However, when you put together the pieces one thing stands out; whoever the whistleblower is they had access to very sensitive material.

That quickly limits the scope of the search.

I believe there's a real good chance that recently fired National Intelligence Director, John Bolton, blew the lid off of Trump's shady dealing with the Ukraine.

Bolton would know. He's one of the few possible suspects that would have had access to such explosive material. Bolton knows how the system works, and how to protect himself.

An act of revenge? Maybe. Bolton must have something solid to take this approach. He was fired on September 10th, by Trump's usual method, a cowardly tweet.

Trump has good reason to worry after the Wall Street Journal unloaded this headline:

Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President To Investigate Joe Biden' Son 

Watch Anderson Cooper's interview with Rebecca Ballhaus, one of the Wall Street reporters who broke the story reporting Trump pressured Ukraine's President to investigate Joe Biden's son.

Trump has publicly stated that he has no trouble where he gets dirt from on his opponents. Even if it comes from a foreign country.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff told reporters that Congress will get to the bottom of this complaint, "come hell or high water."

I hope Schiff is right. When the whole story comes out it's time for the proper action to be taken. 

Hint... open impeachment proceedings. Along with the Mueller report, and current investigations, there's more than enough to tar-and-feather Trump.

If this scandal gets tied up in the courts like every other request/subpoena by Congress has, Trump will stonewall it and Americans may never know the true story.

And that could be real bad news for our democracy.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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