Saturday, November 2, 2019

Which America Do You Live In?

Good Day World!

Since the Russians helped get Trump elected, Americans have been living in two worlds.

Trump and his minions live in an alternate reality, where truth and facts are routinely denied. The rest of America lives in the real world.

GOP lawmakers in the House know what Trump did - holding Ukraine hostage for his political gain - but have chosen to step into his alternate America, and pretend the impeachment proceedings are a witch hunt.

With no real argument to counter Trump's treasonous actions, GOP House members, ignoring the evidence set before them, have chosen to step into Trump World and defend him.

As for the rest of us, who want to defend truth and the Constitution, we have to stand up to Trump's reality show. In the real world we see, and hear, the lies being committed daily by a president who describes himself as The Chosen One.

It's remarkable that we live in an age of advanced technology where access to knowledge is easily available, yet there's a segment of the country that denies facts. Facts!

I understand the concept of living in a bubble - both parties are guilty of that - where you only listen to what your party says. That's political.

The thing that concerns me the most is when people chose lies over truth. I don't care which bubble they're in, but it's vital they recognize there is a real world. The sky is blue and grass is green... no matter what Trump claims.

Our crook-in-charge is on the impeachment path, so his lies are now on super steroids. He's bullying lawmakers to stand up for him in the senate... but the silence from that august body shows how uncomfortable they are with what Trump has done.

In the weeks and months ahead, every American is going to have to make a choice. Either Trump is guilty of crimes committed in office... or he's not. 

GOP senators will be watching the polls closely throughout the impeachment process. Hopefully, when they continue to see a growing majority that wants Trump out of office, they'll step into the real world and convict him.

It all boils down to what America you want to live in. Let your senator know which way you want to go.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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