Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Trumpian Halloween: Republicans Scared To See What Will Happen Next

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It's Impeachment Day! Happy Halloween! It's a haunted House day for Republican lawmakers.

resolution that formalized the impeachment hearings was passed this morning. 

The result of that action will drag all the skeletons out of the White House closets which have been closely guarded.

The impeachment proceedings now have a road map that the public can follow. It's a real trick-or-treat moment for GOP lawmakers who have to decide between principals and politics.

Frankly, I think the majority of the GOP in the House will continue to back Trump. Most have already made the political choice to live-or-die with Trump... abandoning their duty to country and constituents.  

The public phase has begun. Trump's cronies have been whining about getting the hearing out in the open and now their getting what they want.

But guess what?

Now, the cowering GOP minions say it's too late to fix the Dems supposedly unlawful approach (it wasn't). GOP members took turns whining about how they thought the Dems met to impeach Trump the moment he was elected.

Their response was pathetic. And desperate.

Trumpenstein left them with no real ammunition against the onslaught of evidence that's been pouring in during the last few weeks.

What's really scary for Republicans is the American public is going to witness the process unfolding on TV. The likelihood of more damning evidence against Trump will be revealed, and polls will reflect that.

As those loyal minions of Trumpenstein try to get through tonight without nightmares, the spirit of impeachment will be haunting them.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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