Monday, October 28, 2019

Haunting in the White House: Ghost Defends Trump

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There's a ghost in the White House sending out messages via email, Twitter, etc., supporting everything Trump says or does.

In time for Halloween, this benevolent ghost has been trying to uplift Trump's reputation with rhetoric that sounds hauntingly like what we hear from North Korea where Kim is treated like a god.

This political poltergeist announced yesterday that ex-chief of staff, John Kelly's assertions about a conversation he had with Trump warning that Yes Men will get him impeached, were bogus.

Trump quickly denied it claiming he would have kicked his ass out of the White House... a claim I find hard to believe. Trump is a coward.

Back to that ghost who whispers sweet things about Trump from time-to-time. There's rumors the ghost is actually a member of Trump's team of mindless minions.

In a stunning rebuttal of Kelly's claim the apparition messaged news medias announcing, "Kelly was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president." 

I strongly suspect that this political phantom stays out of sight because there's truth in the light. 

I grudgingly admit the wraith in the White House has a point; no one understands Trump's plans because he doesn't have any. Our self-proclaimed leader calls himself a "stable genius." 

That should tell you something right there. No sane person would say that. The spook in the West Wing referred to Trump as our "Great President.

If that sounds oddly familiar it's because North Koreans refer to Kim as their "Great Leader." 

It's not about understanding Trump. That's impossible. It's more like surviving Trump as long as he squats in the Oval Office.

Update! A leaked inter-office memo names Stephanie Grisham as the spirit doing the speaking.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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