Thursday, October 10, 2019

Why Would Any Country Want to Partner With the U.S. Under Trump?

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One of the many lowlights of the Trump regime has been it's wholesale sell-out of it's allies.

As Turkey's military pours across the Syrian border in an act of war against our partner the Kurds, the international community is looking on in shock. 

How could America abandon them?

The betrayal of America's comrade-in-arms against ISIS is a sure sign no country can count on our rogue regime. America's betrayal under Trump, is more than just a black eye against democracy.

Trump's betrayal of the Kurds was a gift to Putin and Assad.

It's a declaration of nationalism, and isolation. The message is loud and clear after three years under Trump's corrosive foreign policies... 

It's now America versus the world. 

The guardian of democracy worldwide is abdicating to a wannabe dictator by abandoning long-held treaties with foreign governments. Treaties that made the world a safer place.

Just yesterday, Trump's minions announced the U.S. was exiting the "Open Skies" treaty. 

Two months ago, Trump formally withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia ending a landmark arms control pact.

As the world watches with morbid fascination, Americans are considering impeaching their president. The chaos surrounding the administration doesn't bode well for stability of any kind.

The possibility of future alliances are disappearing as Turkey's armed forces role across the Syrian border and we just stand by and watch.

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