Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The 'Joke' is on the GOP Who Are Afraid to Face Reality

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Jokers are big news lately.

The release of the movie "Joker" hyped with a storm of negative pre-press attention, managed to break several box office records.

It was a hit with the public in America, and Australia.

Meanwhile...jokers on the political front...

The latest defense for Trump's treasonous remarks asking China for help against his political rival Joe Biden, can be described as The Joker Defense.

Trump minion Marco Rubio (left) introduced the GOP's latest attempt to cover their corrupt leader by telling reporters Trump didn't really mean what he said.

He was joking, according to Rubio/aka The Penguin, who went on to spin how easy the liberal press is baited by Trump's jokes.

Ask yourself when was the last time you heard a Republican say Trump was just joking? Remember when Sarah Sanders favorite dodge was "He's joking," while she was Trump's talking head at the White House?

Watching Senator Roy Blunt, Congressman Jim Jordon, Senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham using the joke defense is a sign they've ran out of any real defensible arguments.

But what Trump did was no joke. 

Americans saw and heard him suggest Communist China look into a private American citizen's affairs for political gain. No amount of cover can conceal his treasonous appeal.

As Republicans scramble like a bunch of cockroaches exposed to the light, the wheels of impeachment are rolling along with more evidence against Trump in the Ukraine scandal.

Most Congressional Republicans are mainly staying silent on Trump's call to investigate Biden. It appears to be their best option, as evidence grows daily against Trump.

Here's what I know:

The joke is on the GOP who are afraid to face reality!

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